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This 24 km panoramic route in La Palud sur Verdon takes you on a tour of the Grand Canyon ridges. The 14 Belvederes reveal the mythical cliffs of the Verdon and offer unforgettable views of the Grand Canyon.

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The Route des Crêtes can be explored by car, motorcycle or, ideally, bicycle (with or without electric assistance, depending on your ability).

It's hard to put a time on this tour, there's so much to see, observe and admire. All the same, allow an hour and a half to three hours, stopping regularly at lookouts.
You'll overlook the legendary Verdon and discover incomparable viewpoints such as "Carelle", "l'Escalès", "la Dent d'Aire" or "Guègues". At times, you'll find yourself over 700 metres underfoot: these are the highest cliffs in the Gorges du Verdon...

Along the way, you'll discover the local fauna (vultures, chamois, foxes...), the flora and the climbers who roam the canyon's cliffs. The start of the Route des Crêtes (D23) is 800 m from the exit of the village of La Palud sur Verdon in the direction of Rougon.

A portion of the road is one-way, so to complete the loop, make sure you take it in that direction (clockwise), as indicated by the road signs in and around the village.

From 31/03 to 24/11.
The route des Crêtes closes in the middle (from the Pas de Baou lookout to the Chalet de la Maline). The rest remains accessible all year round (Trescaïre lookout, Carelle, Dent d'Aïre, Chalet de la Maline etc....).

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Route des Crêtes-Belvédère
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Route des Crêtes-Belvédère

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La Route des Crêtes - EN

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